We love making people smile. Having your hair or nails done isn’t just about how you look, it’s about taking time for self-care.

Our guests enjoy coming to us because we provide a welcoming space to relax in and they leave feeling refreshed and looking great.

We offer services backed by a huge amount of experience, we have trained with marker leaders and invested in quality products.

This combination leaves our guests feeling relaxed and confident they are in expert hands.


Practice honesty. Build trust. Earn respect.

We go deep.

Tell us your desired look and we will share our knowledge of what services will achieve it. We are honest about the results you can expect.  And we will make sure you know what to do (at home) to maintain hair perfection.

No jargon. Just simple, honest advice.


We pass on the good stuff.

Giving a little high-five when we see someone doing something awesome. A pat on the back for trying something new. Or simply for growing.
We are not about comparisons with others. We are about sharing.

So we strive to pass on the good stuff. To enrich the lives we touch.
And to say “you handled that well… respect”.

Keep the karma flowing.


You’re a big deal.

Confident and successful, you rock understated capability.
You like nice things and can afford to treat yourself to a little self-care.
Always busy, yet always having time for others, you juggle work and home life.
And you make it look easy.

Sometimes you like to chat. Other times you need headspace. Time to think. We get that.
Your visit to XIV is a chance to chill.
You are in safe hands.


Approachable and down-to-earth, we are positive people.

Sharing knowledge and skills has empowered every member of the XIV tribe.
Today we are the best we can be. Tomorrow, we’ll be even better!
With energy and enthusiasm we go above and beyond.

Welcome to our tribe.